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“There are days when I enjoy every moment with a smile. And then SPIMSI.” “There are days when I feel tired and I can’t manage. What do I do then? SPIMSI.” “My child is having fun in every moment. And then NAAAPWELL.” We know that sleep accompanies you every day. We’re here to make sure that quality mattresses give you a restful sleep with plenty of energy and zest for life 🙂 We’ve taken inspiration from modern ideas and created a new generation of mattresses for a new generation of customers. So, read more… Read more about quality mattresses SPIMSI


Choose your ideal model from a range of modern quality mattresses SPIMSI produced under the Tatras in the mattress factory BENAB. Of course, these mattresses are available within a few days and as otherwise – in individual dimensions for each bed.


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Professional mattresses under the tatters

  • Foam modern mattresses - if you're choosing top quality vs. price
  • Comfortable spring mattresses - truly hotel-like comfort
  • Mattresses for healthy sleep, so your back doesn't hurt
  • Colourful mattresses for a pleasant feeling - because life is not supposed to be boring
  • Top world quality mattresses - without a doubt Slovak mattress are also world quality mattresses
  • Comfortable mattresses for a super price - a real bargain right in the showroom
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