Mattress Spimsi Fresh

Mattress Spimsi Fresh

In SPIMSI Fresh you will discover an unusual combination of a healthy double firmness spring mattress with modern antibacterial foam and a cover with Spirulina seaweed extracts. A great choice for people who love the comfort of a spring mattress and want to breathe healthily even while they sleep.

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  • coating with Spirulina seaweed extracts. Contains natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids. During sleep, these substances are released and have a beneficial effect on the human skin.
  • The cover has antibacterial, antifungal properties, prevents the growth of mould, the properties of this substance guarantee excellent hygiene.
  • Certified and health-safe OEKO-TEX standard. Unzippable and washable up to 60 °C, zipper – blue.
  • composition: 30% viscose, 70% polyester, SPIRULINA FINISH, cover with zonally tufted with air-conditioning filling, PES fibre 300 gr/m2

Used material

Antibacterial foam SANITIZED
Antibacterial foam SANITIZED
Coconut layer
Coconut layer
Multi pocket
Multi pocket


Mattress height 25 cm
Carrying capacity 140 kg


antibacterial foam, ​Coconut layer

Mattress core


Warranty 5 years
Recommended grate


Washing 60 °C
Mattress type

swaying, fresh antibacterial, junior, pre dospelých, senior

Mattress Spimsi Fresh
  • special antibacterial foam with ventilation holes with certified SANITIZED® treatment, (biocide-safe foam suitable for children up to 3 years old) which eliminates bacteria, fungi, mites, mould and other unwanted microorganisms in the mattress
  • the core perfectly follows the shape of the human body, it is composed of small individual springs in 7 anatomical firmness zones, which increases the orthopaedic effect
  • MULTIPOCKET pocket core from the top German manufacturer AGRO contains up to 1000 springs in a 200x90cm mattress
  • mattress of double firmness used coconut layer
  • recommended grate: solid slatted
  • standard version in cover – ALGUA SPIRULINA COLOR (zipper-blue)
  • antibacterial foam SANITIZED® – perforated 40 kg/m3, 5 cm (yellow), 1 cm coconut layer / 1300 gr/m2, 13 cm pocket spring multipocket 650 pcs/m² – 7 zones, foam antibacterial SANITIZED® perforated 40 kg/m³, 5 cm (yellow)


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