Mattress Spimsi Fresh

Mattress Spimsi Fresh

In the morning you will get up on SPIMSI Fresh refreshed and rested thanks to the surface which is pleasantly profiled, during the night better blood circulation to your muscles. The basis of this mattress’s perfection is the top-quality SANITIZED (R) antibacterial foam in 7 firmness zones with ventilated channels, so even on warmer nights the mattress solves the ventilation from perspiration.

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  • coating with Spirulina seaweed extracts. Contains natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids. During sleep, these substances are released and have a beneficial effect on the human skin.
  • The cover has antibacterial, antifungal properties, prevents the growth of mould, the properties of this substance guarantee excellent hygiene.
  • Certified and health-safe OEKO-TEX standard. Unzippable and washable up to 60 °C, zipper – blue.
  • composition: 30% viscose, 70% polyester, SPIRULINA FINISH, cover with zonally tufted with air-conditioning filling, PES fibre 300 gr/m2

Used material

Pur 7 zones profile
Pur 7 zones profile
Antibacterial foam SANITIZED
Antibacterial foam SANITIZED
HR foam 7 zones
HR foam 7 zones


Mattress height 22 cm
Carrying capacity 130 kg


antibacterial foam, HR, PUR

Mattress core


Warranty 3 years
Recommended grate


Washing 60 °C
Mattress type

fresh antibacterial, pre dospelých

Mattress Spimsi Fresh
  • special antibacterial foam with certified SANITIZED® treatment (biocide-safe latex suitable for children up to 3 years old), which eliminates bacteria, fungi, mites, mould and other unwanted microorganisms in the mattress
  • provides a perfectly clean and healthy environment for your sleep and ensures a healthy and dry climate inside the mattress in the long term
  • mattress surface moulded into pads, which improves blood circulation to the skin and relaxes the muscles during sleep
  • the core contains holes called shoulder cradles = they adjust the firmness in the shoulder area and ensure maximum airflow
  • recommended grate: slatted
  • standard version in cover – ALGUA SPIRULINA COLOR zipper – blue
  • PUR 7-zone profile 5/3 cm, density 28 kg/m³ (red), SANITIZED® foam core. VBN 7-zone profile 40 kg/m³ (yellow) – 11 cm, HR 7-zone snot 35 kg/m³ 4/2 cm (light blue)


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