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Come and try out the mattresses in the NAPWELL & BENAB SHOWROOM right on the premises of the mattress factory in Kežmarok under the Tatras. Decide in the best environment for the most ideal mattress. First of all, you will be advised by the skilful staff, who will briefly answer all your questions. We’ll recommend a mattress that you’ll enjoy a great night’s and day’s sleep on.

Great first-hand advice

Mattresses are not bought for 1 night, so it is necessary to get advice and at the same time try out all possible types of mattresses.

Relax with us even while shopping

In our Showroom you can not only choose a mattress, but you can also lie down as much as you want.

You have a chance for the best price

Just select your mattress in the Showroom, and you don't have to search through the various offers. And finally - with us you get the best price currently on the market.

Individuálny prístup

Advice on mattresses directly from the manufacturer

  • First, we'll give you some advice and explain the differences between the different types of mattresses
  • Of course, you will be shown simple demonstrations of the internal composition of mattresses and surface fabrics
  • In addition, you will receive advice on the maintenance and care of the mattress
  • Live testing of the suitable feeling softness of the mattress, lying on the selected mattress for an unlimited time

Peaceful atmosphere

Choosing the ideal mattress needs peace of mind and plenty of time::

  • Allow plenty of time to choose your mattress. Because of this, visits to our showroom can take 1-2 hours. And that's why clients prefer to compare mattress comfort in a quiet atmosphere.
  • In addition to testing, we will be happy to serve you a hot or cold drink to make the atmosphere more pleasant.
  • compared to shopping centres, we have peace and quiet, no one intrudes into the shop and does not disturb the selection

Lowest price guarantee

We guarantee the best prices for mattresses purchased in our showroom.

  • V Showroome SPIMSI & • At the NAPWELL & BENAB Showroom, you have the opportunity to purchase mattresses with a 7% price discount over the recommended prices listed on this website
  • During selected periods, it is possible to use a discount coupon from this page to get a special price at the Showroom on selected models
  • LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE - Our business partners (e-shops and brick-and-mortar stores) occasionally offer promotional prices on selected mattresses. Clients who show the given discount at our dealer (foreign e-shop, store) will get the mattress / mattresses in the showroom at this lower promotional price if they wish.
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Benefits of testing mattresses and buying in SHOWROOM

  • Firstly, the distribution of the freshly made mattress is directly from the production hall to the home, without storage at distributors
  • Especially if you are interested in a larger quantity of mattresses, it is possible to negotiate an individual price
  • Last but not least, we have wheelchair access - We welcome everyone, we are wheelchair accessible on the ground floor of the building.
  • And finally, parking - simply park directly in our spacious car park.


Especially if you register in advance, you will be emailed a discount coupon.
Get an additional 10% discount to the mattress prices in the showroom immediately.

Exhibited mattress models in the Showroom

Updated 10/2022

Visit us in Kežmarok under the Tatras!

NAPWELL & BENAB showroom can be found on Slavkovská street in the industrial zone of Kežmarok. Our mattress factory NAPWELL & BENAB is also located in this place. Come and you will undoubtedly choose from a wide range of health mattresses. We look forward to your visit.


Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 15:00

See also the BENAB factory page under the Tatras::

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