HR foam

Often also called COLD FOAM. It is so called because of the manufacturing process, the so-called cold process. This foam has a microporous structure with a deep density, where elasticity and breathability are suitably combined. Cold foam mattresses have excellent breathability and limit excessive sweating.

PUR foam

Our production uses deeply durable and breathable PUR (polyurethane) foams, which stand out for their excellent elasticity, dimensional stability and durability.

POE foam

Very durable foam, characterized by higher firmness, which predisposes it to higher loads, it is often used as a reinforcement in mattresses.

BIO foam

It is a foam with cold foam properties, where the raw materials produced from petroleum are replaced by natural oils castor oil, and others. Thanks to this, it contributes to ecology, saves the ecosystem and brings more nature into our bedrooms. The use of BIO foam has a unique impact especially on the resulting properties of the mattresses: the ductility (elasticity) is multiplied, the compressive deformation is reduced and the rebound elasticity is increased.


It is made from the bark of the rubber tree and, once vented, forms a pliable material consisting of billions of open cells connected by microfibres. The latex layers of the mattress are made of synthetic and natural latex to have anti-allergic properties. Latex is characterised by its excellent ergonomic and elastic properties.

Pantera HR pantera 7 zones

The highest class in the category of cold foams. It is a branded material with excellent properties such as deep density, elasticity and dimensional stability along with a unique microstructure of open bubbles. A mattress with this foam will provide you with perfect spinal support, very good breathability and long life. The density of the foam is approx. 50 - 60 kg/m3 and combined with its super elastic properties, it is ideal for a top-quality health mattress.


Viscoelastic foam, often referred to as "memory foam" or "lazy foam", was invented in 1970 at the NASA Research Centre in the USA. Its main function was to neutralise the negative effects of prolonged sitting and lying. Viscoelastic foam is a unique type of polyurethane foam that changes its firmness depending on temperature. Lazy foams offer a unique sensation when lying down because of the reaction of this unique foam to temperature, and they adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the human body. This has a profound effect on sleep quality, blood circulation, relieving spinal pain and preventing pressure sores.


The material is identical to VISCO foam, the difference lies in the cell structure which causes more efficient dissipation of excess heat.

Antibacterial foam SANITIZED

Special antibacterial foam with ventilation holes with certified SANITIZED® treatment, (biocide-safe for children up to 3 years of age), which eliminates bacteria, fungi, mites, mould and other unwanted microorganisms in the mattress

Coconut layer

The coconut layer is made from 100% natural coconut palm fibres bonded with a latex blend. It is mainly used as an interlayer in mattress cores for reinforcement, increases load-bearing capacity, durability and natural firmness and has excellent orthopaedic properties.

Horse hair

Horsehair has been used for hundreds of years and is constantly proving its unique and irreplaceable properties. Genuine horsehair for your mattress is sourced from the horse's mane, making it a purely natural and deep quality product. Horsehair is a suitable material as a mattress filling because of its lightness, airflow and breathability. It has an excellent ability to accumulate heat. It is excellent at dissipating the water vapour expelled by the human body during sleep, thus maintaining the hygiene of the bed. Natural bed mattresses with horsehair layers are among the most exclusive and luxurious mattresses in the world today.

Standard pocket

Matrace s taštičkovou pružinou sú špičkou medzi pružinovými matracmi. Každá pružina je samostatne uložená v ochrannej taške. Počet pružiniek v tomto type je 370 ks/m2, čím sa radí medzi najnižší štandard taštičkového matraca, avšak priedušnosť tohto systému je nezanedbateľnou výhodou.

Multi pocket

Pocket spring mattresses are the top of the range among spring mattresses. Each spring is individually contained in a protective pocket. The greater the number of springs a mattress contains, the more optimally it follows the body. Thanks to the airy core, the mattresses retain a dry climate, allowing them to be used even on less ventilated substrates while maintaining deep anti-allergy protection. Includes up to 1,000 springs in the mattress.

Micro pocket

Pocket spring mattresses are the top of the range among spring mattresses. Each spring is individually contained in a protective pocket. The MICROPOCKET pocket core from the top German manufacturer AGRO contains up to 2000 springs in the mattress. Due to the high number of springs, this system represents the highest standard of manufactured spring mattresses.


We glue mattresses using HotMelt technology. Eco gluing is also used in the food industry. It is environmentally friendly, absolutely odourless. The bonded joint does not lose strength even over time. ECOPASS health certificate.
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