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For more than 20 years we have been producing quality mattresses under the Tatras. Now we have decided to make it easier for you to decide what mattress to choose for your sleep. All models of SPIMSI mattresses are modern, fresh and well made. Thousands of satisfied customers of various BENAB mattresses inspired us to create a new generation of SPIMSI mattresses for new generations of customers. In the production of NAPWELL mattresses, the latest types of technology, modern and environmentally friendly materials are used.

  • SPIMSI mattresses are specially designed for modern people of all ages, hence the modern interior materials, modern covers, modern colours and shapes
  • we regularly check the quality of materials from our suppliers such as foams, springs, various modern mattress layers
  • we have a sophisticated logistics system of direct transport of mattresses from the production to the client thanks to close cooperation with partner e-shops
  • SPIMSI mattresses are guaranteed from 2 to 5 years
  • we place great emphasis on hygiene throughout the ISO 9001 production process and the fresh aroma of each mattress

In the SPIMSI collection, we’ve picked out the best mattresses for you at all price levels.


For relaxation and prevention of back pain during sleep

A mattress favourite composed of the most modern and healthiest layers that current technology has brought to the world. SPIMSI HEALTHY is not only for those with health problems. At the same time, thanks to the cross-sections, it is perfectly vented and, on the surface, a pleasant soft cover with silver components takes care of skin regeneration.


Double-Firmness comfort and healing aroma

Discover in the SPIMSI SVIEŽO model the unusual combination of a healthy double firmness spring mattress with modern antibacterial foam and a cover with Spirulina seaweed extracts. A great choice for people who love the comfort of a spring mattress and want to breathe healthily while they sleep.


Healthy sleep even for those who sweat at night

Indulge in lounging every nice moment. In addition, the luxurious feel of memory lazy foam, which snuggles you in and the mattress adapts to your graceful curves… Underneath the lazy foam is a solid, modern foam core construction that ensures a healthy sleep. More about the mattress

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