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Where and how are modern NAPWELL mattresses made?

The NAPWELL mattress brand is part of BENAB’s large mattress family. For 20 years, mattresses of world quality have been produced under the Tatras not only for Slovaks. At regular intervals, the NAPWELL mattress range is innovated, renewed and improved with new materials or new working processes.

Modern factory under the Tatras

The state-of-the-art production hall can produce thousands of mattresses daily in various desired variations of goods. 5 years ago, the factory was rebuilt and the capacity was increased by 250%, new warehouses for materials and finished products were added.

Top suppliers and processes

In order to make everything work in a large factory for the highest quality products, a quality management system is needed. At BENAB this is the ISO 9001 system, which oversees every detail of the production and transport of mattresses.

Quality staff and colleagues

And finally, there are the most important ones – the employees of our factory, without whom many people in Slovakia and neighbouring countries would have nothing to sleep on 🙂 Our skilled employees are eager to learn, design new processes and continuously improve mattress models.

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