Lamela Extra

Lamela Extra

The SLAT EXTRA non-adjustable grate is made of 16 birch slats fixed in solid plastic cases. Grate with firmness adjustment, suitable for foam and sandwich mattresses. Load capacity 110 kg.

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Used material


Carrying capacity 110 kg
Warranty 2 years
Typ rošta


Number of slats


Grid height 5,5 cm
Number of zones


Vhodný pre matrac

foamy, sandwich

Typ lamiel

natural wood





The slats are made of Siberian birch, whose wood has deep density, strength and durability due to large temperature fluctuations and temperatures down to -50 °C. The frame of the slat is made of a combination of laminated birch veneer and solid beech. The quality workmanship and first-class materials ensure the long-term functionality and reliability of this product.

5 double slats with sliding belts make it possible to regulate the stiffness and thus also the pressure created on the mattress in the lumbar area. By moving the belts, the firmness of the mattress can either be increased or decreased

The solid wooden grid LAMELA EXTRA is suitable for foam and sandwich mattresses.

The actual size of the grate is always 0.5 cm narrower and 4 cm shorter than the net internal dimension of the bed for the correct fit of the grate in the bed frame.

  • standard slatted grate adjustable with front piston flap for easy access to the bed storage compartment
  • comfortable lifting with gas pistons
  • Firmness adjustment of the slats in the centre of the grid (5V)
  • the slats are stored in solid plastic cases
  • standard number of slats – 16 pcs


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