Mattress Spimsi King Visco

Mattress Spimsi King Visco

SPIMSI King Visco will solve the dilemma for many what mattresses to put on a double bed. A great solution of 2 separate mattresses for a double bed and different needs in a couple 🙂 King’s favourite memory foam on one side, and on the opposite side a high quality rigid modern HR foam in a 7-zone contouring with a coconut layer.

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  • high-quality and pleasantly soft cover with the ability to regenerate the skin of the human body
  • SILVER ideal for dust allergy and problems with excessive sweating antistatic, antibacterial, antifungal properties, prevents the growth of mould, the properties of this substance guarantee excellent hygiene
  • certified and health-safe OEKO-TEX standard
  • composition: 7% sim, 30% viscose, 70% polyester, zonal tufted cover with air-conditioning filling, 250 gr/m2 PES fibre

Used material

VISCO foam 7 zones
VISCO foam 7 zones
PUR foam
PUR foam
Coconut layer
Coconut layer
HR foam
HR foam


Mattress height 20 cm
Carrying capacity 130 kg


HR, PUR, VISCO, ​Coconut layer

Mattress core


Warranty 3 years
Recommended grate


Washing 60 °C
Mattress type

cheerfully colored, pre dospelých, senior

Mattress Spimsi King Visco
  • VISCO memory foam reacts to heat and pressure and adapts optimally to the curves of your body, thus relaxing your muscles and joints
  • HR foam cross-section ensures perfect airflow, optimal body regeneration and provides muscle relaxation during sleep
  • excellent elasticity and dimensional stability of the mattress
  • double firmness mattress (recommended for couples with a weight difference)
  • recommended grate: slatted
  • standard version in cover – SILVER COLOR (zipper colour beige)
  • Composition: HR 7-zone profiling 40 kg/m³ – 4/2 cm (white), coconut layer 1300 gr/m² 1 cm, PUR core 28 kg/m³ 10,5 cm (white), VISCO 7-zone profiling 52 kg/m³ – 4/2 cm (blue)


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