Mattress Spimsi Rocking

Mattress Spimsi Rocking

The SPIMSI Rocking is an excellent solution for comfortable sleeping on technologically advanced German springs. These mattresses are still one of the best sellers in America, and in Europe you’ll often find them in luxury hotels due to their high standards of comfort and durability. A great choice for a cost-effective, yet durable and comfortable mattress made from modern materials.

Recommended retail price



  • high-quality and pleasantly soft cover with the ability to regenerate the skin of the human body
  • SILVER ideal for dust allergy and problems with excessive sweating antistatic, antibacterial, antifungal properties, prevents the growth of mould, the properties of this substance guarantee excellent hygiene
  • certified and health-safe OEKO-TEX standard
  • composition: 7% sim, 30% viscose, 70% polyester, zonal tufted cover with air-conditioning filling, 250 gr/m2 PES fibre

Used material

PUR foam
PUR foam
Coconut layer
Coconut layer
Standard pocket
Standard pocket


Mattress height 25 cm
Carrying capacity 120 kg


PUR, ​Coconut layer

Mattress core


Warranty 3 years
Recommended grate


Washing 60 °C
Mattress type

swaying, pre dospelých, senior

Mattress Spimsi Rocking
  • the bed core perfectly follows the shape of the human body, it is composed of small individual springs in 7 firmness zones which increases the orthopaedic effect
  • double firmness mattress by using high quality natural coconut board on one side
  • highly orthopaedic and anti-allergic functionality
  • recommended grid: slatted
  • standard design in cover – SILVER COLOR zipper beige
  • PUR foam 28kg/m³ (red) 5/3 cm, 1cm – coconut layer 1300 gr/m2, pocket spring 250 pcs/m2 7-zone 13cm, PUR foam 28kg/m³ (red) 5/3 cm


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